Imagine the World of professionals, where you can feel safe and sure in all your partners. Every day. All over the Globe. It is real now!

JetsReview is a platform for both operators and brokers, that allows you to check reputation of potential partners you are working with.

1) Check reputation of companies you don't know

Recently, if you had an offer or request from a company you do not know you could rely only on their price and rumors you’ve heard. But now you can check opinion of the whole global business aviation market about this company in one place. You can base your decision to work with this company or not on reviews and ratings of real people all over the World.

2) Indispensable for brokers

It is sometimes difficult for brokers to understand the reason for difference in price between several operators. Besides the difference in positioning time there is a huge difference in quality of service and JetsReview.com will make it clear for you.

3) Useful for operators

It happens sometimes that you have same request from 3 to 5 brokers that you don’t know. JetsReview.com gives you a clue to their experience and professionalism. Check their creditworthiness and reliability.

4) Fair play.

From now on everything is pretty clear. If someone behaves unprofessionally, everyone should know about it. This will make our market more transparent and fair. If you have a problem with your partners, you can discuss it.

5) Platform for negotiations

JetsReview.com gives an opportunity to everyone not only to share their opinion, but also to respond to reviews of other companies about them. This gives a chance to both parties to express their opinion on the disputable situation.

Share your experience

The concept of experience exchange becomes real if people not only use information, but also share their opinion and knowledge with each other. This is quick and simple.

Let everyone know who is Good Guy and who is Bad Guy on the market. You can recommend a company you trust or warn people to avoid undesirable contracts. Share you experience with your colleagues all over the World and save them money and clients.

Be responsible. Your knowledge is priceless!