Blu Halkin

Mordvintsev Alex

  • Overall rating: 3,0
  • Pricing policy 8,0

  • Flexibility 3,0

  • Response rate 2,0

  • Punctuality 4,0

  • Professionalism 1,0

  • Overall price to quality ratio 1,0

Cheap price. No other advantages.

A NO FLY company. I had one flight with them but I will never do this mistake once again.
The flight was confirmed 4 days in advance and 1 day before the flight I found out that there were no requests sent to handlings and nobody knows about our flight in both departure and arrival airports.
When I asked the company about this situation they said that everything will be fine. No further details were provided. I startedpushing them to send requests asap because we need to get slots and they said that I am too nervous and they don't want to talk to me.
I called the owner of company, Francesco Drakone, explained him the sutuation but he said that he doesn't care.
They started moving only when I told them that I will cancel the flight and take another aircraft (thanks God I haven't pay them yet).
In the end the flight was fine, they even change departure airport several hours before the flight.
But there was absolutely no catering on board though it was included in the price.