Premium Jet

Ershov Andrey (President Jet)

  • Overall rating: 9,0
  • Pricing policy 9,0

  • Flexibility 10,0

  • Response rate 10,0

  • Punctuality 10,0

  • Professionalism 10,0

  • Overall price to quality ratio 10,0

This is my top favorite company in business aviation. A real gem and boutique airline! After signing contract, you can expect highest level of professionalism in every aspect of the flight. No hidden problems, no cheating with departure times etc – you all know, what I mean. And the best part is SERVICE. Cabins of all aircrafts are in a brilliant condition, clean, always with flowers and other special amenities, you can seldom meet nowadays. Your clients can be sure, they going to have that special “old-school swiss hospitality”, true personalized service. Welcome Champagne with starters and canapés – is what you don’t have to ask for. It all comes by default. I had never ever any complaints from my clients – only “WOW! Please book only this aircraft again”. So, all the team gives you the solid professional premium product! Highly recommended!

Sometimes price is a bit higher in the market, but real Quality is never cheap...