Air Alsie

Abramov Michelle (GLORIOUS GROUP)

  • Overall rating: 10,0
  • Pricing policy 10,0

  • Flexibility 10,0

  • Response rate 10,0

  • Punctuality 10,0

  • Professionalism 10,0

  • Overall price to quality ratio 10,0

Air Alsie is the best company I`ve worked with on the European market. They have very smart and clear organized customer support at all stages of cooperation: starting from quoting and till the actual flight following. You never have to ask them twice, they work with you as if they are supporting their own high-valued client and are ready to fulfill each, even the smallest request or requirement you may have.
Also, I would like to stress out their flexibility and very competitive pricing towards the aircraft.
It is always a pleasure to work with them.