Capital Jets

Mordvintsev Alex

  • Overall rating: 8,0
  • Pricing policy 7,0

  • Flexibility 8,0

  • Response rate 9,0

  • Punctuality 10,0

  • Professionalism 10,0

  • Overall price to quality ratio 9,0

One of the most professional operators in Russia. Very professional sales team and OPS so you can always rely on them. They will meet all your special requirements and do their best to make you happy.
Company has its own hangar and other facilities in Riga, Latvia.

Prices are high relative to other companies, so I had only 2 flights with them. Several factors should coincide to get reasonable price from them. For example, I had a flight within Russia (1 factor) with several days of parking (2 factor) and in this case they were the best!